Call of Duty WW2 Finally Encourages ‘True Teamwork’, Kill/Death Ratio Not Important In War Mode

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Call of Duty WW2
Source: Official Call of Duty®: WWII Reveal Trailer video

Sledgehammer Games revealed that the upcoming Call of Duty WW2 will encourage team work for its players in its War mode. The game mode will have players contesting to take and defend objectives, but not as a highly capable soldier. Lastly, the Kill/Death ratios won’t matter in this objective-based game mode.

In an interview with Glixel, Sledgehammer Games co-founder Michael Condrey and multiplayer designer Greg Reinsdorf discussed about Call of Duty WW2’s War mode. In the War game mode, players will be divided into two teams of six players and fulfill their objectives to win. One side will have to defend and prevent the enemy team from achieving their objective. Meanwhile, the offense team will have to do everything they can to muscle through the defending team and fulfill their objective.

The War game mode will also encourage players to rely more on teamwork rather than individual skill to fulfill these objectives. Sledgehammer mentioned that past Call of Duty games let players become Tier 1 soldiers, which are the cream of the crop operatives for their groups, allegiances, and factions. However, War mode will place players in the boots of the common soldier to encourage team play. Teamwork will be required to win battles to cover up the weaknesses of each character.

Gameplay-wise, we’ve yet to confirm the difference but this could be part of Call of Duty WW2’s “boots on the ground” feel to its gameplay. Most of the previous Call of Duty game modes were focused on Team Deathmatches which pit teams against each other to stack up to the kill cap first. Teaming up was only a necessity and players could stack kills if they’re good enough on their own.

By default, Kill/Death ratio won’t matter much in War mode as you can’t win objective-based modes if you just keep killing enemies. Players must fulfill their objective to win the match. Game modes focused on making good Kill/Death ratio tend to encourage players to go lone wolf and become uncooperative teammates, so War mode sounds like a refreshing mode for Call of Duty. 

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