Call of Duty Update: Developer Hints Future Game Might Have 20th Century Setting

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Call of Duty
Call of Duty

Call of Duty is still top triple A franchise, but the latest Infinite Warfare title hasn?t stood out as much as its successors. Since the debut of Modern Warfare, the Call of Duty franchise has since pushed the game’s? setting further and further into the future. But a Call of Duty update via tweet might change all that.

The next Call of Duty game may be moving back in time instead of further into a more technologically advanced setting. Tweets from Sledgehammer Games have caused many fans to speculate that the next Call of Duty game will be going back into the 20th century.

Call of Duty update: 20th Century Warfare

The latest Infinite Warfare titles has brought Call of Duty to a setting that?s been bashed by many to be a clone of Halo. And although Infinite Warfare was able to still become a top grossing console game last year, it was still met with both criticism, and dropping active player numbers.

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With a rather underwhelming performance for a Call of Duty title, many fans are speculating that the franchise?s latest game would take a step into a different direction. This is especially since Battlefield had such an overwhelming response with Battlefield 1?s WW1 setting.

Sledgehammer Game?s Twitter account had tweeted a very promising New Year’s tweet. SHG?tweeted a 20-second video showing a combination lock with multiple moving gears in the background.

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The numbers on the lock then begun turning until it reached 2017. The tweet also had the caption: ?It’s officially 2017! Some call it the zodiac year of the Hammer. Have a safe and fun New Year’s, everyone! #SHGholidays?

Although the tweet seems to simply be a friendly New Year’s greeting from the studio, many fans believe that there is much more going on in the background. Fans believe that the tweet is a cryptic easter eggs subtly hinting that the next Call of Duty game will be set in the 20th century. Fans believe that the cogs point to a return to a lower technological time as opposed to Infinite Warfare?s and the date represents that it would still be contemporary.

Do you guys think all these speculations may hold some truth? Or are COD fans getting desperate for a new great COD game this new year? Let us know in the comments section below!

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