‘Call Of Duty’ Player Got Pissed With Another Player, Calls SWAT to Visit Him

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Call Of Duty Game
Call Of Duty Game

A loser in the game of Call Of Duty got a little pissed with another player, and prank calls a SWAT team, which, in fact, actually made their way to the place that the prankster reported an incident. Long Island police came in, even with helicopters, and some vehicles to a home. Turns out, nothing actually happened in the area.

A player went a bit overboard in being a ?sore loser? on a Call of Duty game, and unlike others where they just usually throw tantrums around (along with their controllers), this one person crossed the line and involved REAL police and even the SWAT. The incident happened this week.

In a New York Post report, a Long Island prankster called the local police over Skype, and reported about an incident that he is involved. He pretended to be Rafael Castillo (which is probably the player who beat him in the game or, possibly, trash-talked him on great extents, which pushed the prankster to do it). He reported to the police that he just killed his mother and is possibly going to shoot more people in a psychotic killing-spree. He even gave Castillo?s address.

Without thinking twice, Long Island authorities sent out response team to the area. All with helicopters and emergency vehicles and with more than 60 officers along, including some ?elite members? according to the ?New York Post.

When the police arrived at the home, they found out that Castillo?s mother was not hurt at all. The police took 20 minutes to have Castillo get out of his room because he had no idea of what was going on outside his room. Eventually, when Castillo came out, they concluded that nobody was actually hurt or in danger.

The police came to a conclusion that the prankster probably got Castillo?s IP address to find out where he lived and made the call. They have yet to find out the identity of the prankster, but they are more relieved that nobody was hurt

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