‘Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 4’ Gameplay Leak

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Modern Warfare 4 Leak
Modern Warfare 4 Leak

”Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 4′ Gameplay Leak

Youtube user Drift0r has posted a Youtube feature offering a few insights about the future release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 game which is currently under development by Sledgehammer games.

Drift0r was the guy behind the leak of Call Of Duty: Ghosts back in 2013. He?s the same person who revealed the ?leak? of the upcoming iteration of Modern Warfare series.

?Somebody from inside the CoD Machine contacted me and wished to leak a lot of information about Sledgehammer?s next Call of Duty game. I saw several media files that included gameplay and game assets. I was given virtually no actual information other than the media files?, Drift0r stated.

He said from what he has seen in this way, Modern Warfare 4 is “extremely surprising”.

?The number one thing I can say is that immediately I realized that this was not going to be a past Call of Duty game. This is not a Vietnam era, a Korean War era, a Cold War era, this is not a World War 2 Call of Duty game. I honestly don?t even think it?s a modern era Call of Duty game, it seems somewhat futuristic. Maybe not quite in the same style as Black Ops, but maybe as if the Modern Warfare series had progressed into the 2020s or early 2030s or something like that.?

It likewise appears the diversion has some staggering visuals as we know the amusement is, no doubt fabricated for the Ps4 and Xbox One first.

?There did seem to be some variety of dynamic lighting and reflections? the light seemed to be properly refracting off of metal things and shiny things and wet things and bouncing around.?

Check the video below to have a slight hint of how Modern Warfare 4 would look like in the future (more or less, as there is a possibility the the developers may push additional updates to the overall looks of the game OR this isn?t from the upcoming game at all.)

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