Call of Duty: Ghosts Invasion May Feature New Multiplayer Maps

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Rumors have been circulating that the next DLC or downloadable content pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts may possibly feature three new multiplayer maps each with a different setting. The DLC is named Invasion and the three maps are set in ancient Egypt, A pirate harbor, and a Mexican festival.

The rumors started generating more buzz when a user in the PlayStation Community spotted images that were published on the official Call of Duty sites for France, Germany, Spain, and Canada. The images have since then been removed.

A few short descriptions of the maps are below.


The map is set in an abandoned archaeological site of an ancient Egyptian palace where Pyramids create a formidable backdrop. The complex multi-level map is medium in size and features a collapsing monument, urns that are full of flesh eating scarabs, as well as other surprises. This map rewards the adventurous in spirit as there will be great rewards for players who explore the deepest secrets that the map has to offer.


The map is set in a secretive cove on a remote Caribbean island. It harbors an eerie pirate hideout that comes with abandoned trading posts and prison cells. The map is small in size and has a moored pirate ship that provides an elevated, 360 degree perspective of the map. Staying true to the pirate theme, this map comes packed with many ?treasures? for players to discover.


The map is set in a rural Mexican town in the middle of the Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead) celebration. This map is also medium in size and features a classic three lane design. If a player completes the map?s unique Field Order, the Death Mariachi killstreak will be unlocked. The Death Mariachi rampages through the map together with its dual wielding pistols and turns your kills into your own squad mates.

Invasion is the third pack of the shooter game?s season pass which is composed of Onslaught, Devastation, Invasion, and Nemesis. The season pass is transferable between generations of consoles, but only until May 31, 2014. Each pack features new maps as well as one installment of Extinction, which is the alien infested horde mode.

Photo Source: PlayStation EU community website

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