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Call of Duty WW2 Zombies: What It Could Learn From Other Zombie Shooters

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The leaked trailer for the zombie mode that is set to come with Call of Duty WW2 has gotten fans excited for what’s up ahead in the survival multiplayer mode. Surviving against the undead couldn’t look more frightening as Activision is focusing on scares this time around. Despite WW2 zombies getting a positive initial feedback from fans, the developer shouldn’t be too confident as Call of Duty WW2 zombies could still learn a thing or two from other zombie shooters.

Tight Spaces

The zombies mode in Call of Duty Infinite Warfare was fun and all but if there’s one thing fans can change about it, it’s the level design. Many areas are just too huge and players can easily run away from zombies. For the level design of Call of Duty WW2 zombies, the developer should try looking in the direction of Killing Floor 2.

Many areas in Killing Floor 2 leave almost no space for running away. If players get backed into a corner with a horde in front of them, it’s a very dangerous situation. Tight spaces and claustrophobia are what the game needs to make Nazi zombies even more terrifying.

Keep It Simple

The earliest form of zombies mode was found as a map in Call of Duty World At War. It was a pretty simple affair then. Call of Duty WW2 zombies should take this similar straight to the point approach. Players locked up in an area, hordes coming in left and right, plain and simple.

Huge Hordes

Hordes are going to be a key part in the upcoming zombies mode as it has always been in zombie games. For this component, the developers could look in the direction of Left 4 Dead. But of course, the size of the hordes should still depend on how tough the Nazi zombies are in Call of Duty WW2.

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