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Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare E3 2016 Presentation Actually Wowed The Audience

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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

The Sony E3 Showcase has impressed the event?s audience, and when the company presented the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare E3 2016 trailer, the stunning gameplay elements and visuals amazed the audience. With the E3 reveal, Activision proved that it is indeed bringing something fans have never seen before, but it seems that the franchise is still missing the appreciation it deserves. The game has already witnessed outrage on social media, especially on YouTube, but an E3 attendee who watched the trailer live has a different story about this criticism that haunts Activision these days.

The latest trailer looks no more similar to what we have seen from the series in the past. From the stunning dogfighting actions to shooting and spacewalking, the trailer features some never-before-seen features. Most interestingly, many who were physically present during Sony?s E3 2016 conference actually liked the game until they found out it was Call of Duty, Brett Medlock of PlayStation Enthusiast said.

Medlock said he attended the event and the audience was stunned by the gameplay reveal of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. ?The crowd was absolutely in love with what the game had to offer, as was I. ?ouus? and ?ahhs? spanned across the whole stadium,? Medlock said.

He states that everyone in the conference hall loved the game but when people saw ?Call of Duty? flash on the screen, nearly everyone?s excitement faded away. ?However, my experience from earlier tonight shows proof that players aren?t actually tired of the Call of Duty gameplay, but rather the name.?

No matter how much criticism the franchise has received, what the developer has shown at E3 is has met or probably surprised fans? expectations and it can be a good sign for the studio. With the Infinite Warfare E3 showcase, Activision proved that the upcoming first-person shooter will be more than just fighting in space

What we?ve seen in the videos indicates that there could be more space action when it launches this year. Infinity Ward has confirmed the game?s plot, suggesting that players will be defending the only remaining warship. The players will be fighting against space insurgency.

The trailer begins in a war room, and soon the protagonist hops in the fighter ship. The game seamlessly transitions from semi-on the boots gameplay to vehicular firefights.

The hero, along with his team, jumps out of the ships, grapple hooks onto another ship and shows off the futuristic guns. It was obvious in the people?s reactions that they loved what they were seeing. The shouts of the E3 attendees clearly reflected that Call of Duty Infinite Warfare looks to be a promising title for players.

Activision will release Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on November 4, and the game will certainly face competition from other major fps games releasing in late October. With Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 coming out on October 21 and 28 respectively, deciding which game to buy will surely be difficult for many.

No matter how much criticism Call of Duty Infinite Warfare has seen, it seems that game has something more in store for fans. The trailer has also fueled people?s excitement for the multiplayer campaign reveal coming later this year.

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