Call of Duty Ancient Rome Game: PS4 And Xbox One’s Launch Title That Never Was

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Call of Duty Ancient Rome

Fans who don?t like the Infinite Warfare trailer feel like it will be the game that will make the Call of Duty series ?jump the shark.? That is nothing, compared with the recently revealed Call of Duty Ancient Rome game that was considered before Activision went through the Modern Warfare route.

The cancelled game that would have been called Call of Duty: Roman Wars was revealed by Games Radar. It was revealed that the game would have had players controlling Julius Caesar in third-person sword combat. Caesar wouldn?t have been the only playable character, as gamers would be on various missions with his Tenth Legion, who were technically his ?Black Ops? squadron.

Vicarious Visions developed the project before it was ultimately canned. Ideas for the game came sometime during the development of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 when Activision was accepting pitches for a completely different take on the Call of Duty series.

It seemed like the idea gained momentum within Activision and was even shown to the CEO of the company before the idea was scrapped for more Modern Warfare games. Apparently, the game was cancelled because it wouldn?t fit with the Call of Duty brand. Activision was willing to release it as its own game, but the developers were adamant about it being a Call of Duty game, so it was scrapped.

Had it been released, it would have competed with Ryse.

Had it been released as a launch title for PS4 and Xbox One, Call of Duty Ancient Rome would have also competed with Ryse. Ryse was an Xbox One exclusive launch title that is similar to God of War in terms of combat and quick-time events. Though the game didn?t set the world on fire, it did draw some interest from fans, showing that Vicarious Visions may have had something special with Roman Wars.

Will we ever see this Call of Duty Ancient Rome game? It?s not likely, since the series has been associated with first-person shooting and realism. Fans associate it so much with these things that they instantly hated Infinite Warfare for going the sci-fi route, though it could still be a good game in its own right. The Modern Warfare re-release will be one of the reasons it does well though.

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