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Call Of Duty 2017 Leak: New WW2 Artwork Surfaces Online

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call of duty 2017 leak
World War 2 is back. [Image from Steam]

After some questions, it looks like this Call of Duty 2017 leak has revealed a new theme: World War 2. To be fair that’s not exactly a new theme, but after venturing to modern warfare and space, this is fitting. While Activision hasn’t said anything, the leaked artwork shows plenty of World War 2 imagery, so the setting is likely.

Similar to the Destiny 2 leak that happened, the new leak on Reddit looks pretty legitimate and would be hard to fake. Call of Duty hasn’t used this setting in some time, so it will be interesting to see how it plays. Either way, the artwork represents an interesting, not necessarily, new direction for the massively successful first-person shooter franchise.

Return The Call

This Call of Duty 2017 leak is a big one, since we hadn’t heard anything about the game or the company’s plans for it. Obviously, there wasn’t any way the company wouldn’t be releasing a new installment of the game this year. We will likely see the game get an official announcement soon, possibly in this year’s E3, or Activision could make a hasty press release.

With Destiny 2 planned and this new Call of Duty, this could be a big year for the gaming company. Activision’s Infinite Warfare didn’t fare too well with critics, though the game wasn’t a failure or anything like that. It looks like the company is taking cues from Battlefield 1 and going back to older, more realistic wars.

Back On Duty

It’s not yet clear if this Call of Duty 2017 leak is legitimate, but until Activision says anything, this could be real. A 2017 release for the game would be possible, given the company’s yearly output of the acclaimed series. Fans of the series have something to look forward to this year, assuming that they’re in the mood for WW2 era shooting.

Fans of the series are probably pleased with Activision focusing on World War 2 again, since the future approach was controversial. While some fans did like Infinite Warfare, it seems like fans would prefer it if the series was more grounded and realistic. Now that the modern approach has been done a number of times, it looks like the past is a more appealing a place.

Expect more news on the game very soon, since it is a Call of Duty game. Infinite Warfare is available now, as is Battlefield 1.


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