California to Put Diaper Changing Tables in Men’s Room

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Men and women are created equal, don?t you agree? This should apply in all aspects of life, most especially in child care. And, California clearly understands this point.

Two bills that would allow men to gain access to baby changing tables in public places are currently under consideration in the state. This will ensure that husbands and wives equally share childcare responsibilities.

Senate Bill 1358 requires movie theaters, sports arenas, libraries and restaurants? to ensure that there are changing stations accessible for both men and women. Senate Bill 1350, on the other hand, specified that changing tables should be ?equally available or provided regardless of the gender for which the restroom facilities are designed.? ?Would this mean men?s room will also have diaper changing tables?

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According to Free Range Pick, Senate Bill 1350 does not require public buildings to add changing stations to existing bathrooms. The bill should apply if changing tables are being added in the future.

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Senate Bill 1358

Sen. Ricardo Lara, who?s sponsoring the latter bill, said this type of legislation simply accommodates modern families.

Californian dads, and even hopeful future fathers, are all for this move. Some dads used to complain about changing tables not being accessible to both men and women, and that they usually need to change their baby’s? diapers in the back of their cars.

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It?s definitely a good move that countries from all over the world should embrace. Men and women, after all, should have equal responsibilities in parenting. Fathers are increasingly playing a hands-on role in child care, taking on three times as much as they did several years ago.

This move also benefits same-sex relationships that help promote partnerships that are free from traditional gender roles. Get to it California!

What do you guys think about installing changing diapers in men?s room? Share us your thoughts through the comment section below.

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