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Outlander Season 3 Behind The Scene Finale Clips: This Super Sweet Photo Of Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan Is Giving Us The Chills

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It’s a wrap, folks! After spending these past few months filming tropical scenes in sunny South Africa, Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan are finally done with Claire and Jamie at least for a while. Outlander’s Twitter page confirmed Thursday that production for the third season has officially ended and to celebrate the occasion, it gave us an appetizer to the upcoming premiere in the form of a lovely behind-the-scene photo of the onscreen couple.

Warning: Adorable and amusing photos ahead.

The photo features the two aboard a ship, looking very happy and in love. Claire is holding a drink in one hand and Jamie on the other. On her side is the lovestruck Scotsman, swooning over his beautiful wife. Sam and Caitriona look so good together, don’t they? It looks like their characters really missed each other after years of being apart.

Last season, we’ve seen them separated, with Claire traveling through the stones to return to her life in 1948 before Jamie leaves for the battle of Culloden. Outlander Season 3 will pick up where we left off. Now pregnant, Claire struggles with the fallout of her sudden reappearance and its effect on her marriage to her first husband, Frank. Jamie, on the other hand, suffers from the aftermath of the battle, as well as the loss of Claire. We’ve yet to see how they will reunite, but we’re already excited.

Meanwhile, Sam and Cait celebrated the last day of filming on Outlander Season 3 on their individual accounts too, by sharing amusing on-location photos. The actor, who rose to fame when the show premiered back in 2014, promised fans that they’re in for a real treat when the new episodes air this fall.

“It’s going to be the best yet,” he teased.

Cait, on the other hand, posted a photo of them in a small pool inside a tent and cheers-ing beers together. Check out their tweets below:

Changing From The Book

In related news, Outlander Season 3 will depart from the third book called Voyager. Of course, the big events will from the book are still all happening, but the show is doing more than just what was written in Diana Gabaldon’s novels. Executive producer Ron Moore revealed the new episodes will also fill in some details that are still largely blank in the books.

“The majority of the major events are in the season, but we are probably going to reorder them and present them slightly differently,” he explained. According to Moore, Voyager has a clean narrative as opposed to the second book –which was a very complicated –hence, the changes. “One of the things we wanted to do was talk about what Claire was doing in those 20 years as well,” he added.  “The way we’ve structured the season allows you to experience both [Jamie and Claire’s lives] at the same time.”

Sadly, Draughtlander drought is still going strong. Starz confirmed that Outlander won’t return with the whole of its 13 episodes until September. As for UK viewers, they will finally get the chance to see Sam and Caitriona directly on their screens. More4 has announced previously that it will broadcast the hit fantasy series to UK telly boxes, so for British fans, be sure to catch up before the show returns. For more details about the next run, take a look at what we know so far about Outlander Season 3 here.

Have you been following the Outlander cast on social media? Tell us your favorite memory from Outlander Season 3 filming in the comments section below.

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