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Caitriona Balfe Leaving Sam Heughan? Will She Finally Win An Emmy?

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Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe Dating? Outlander has been a critically acclaimed series. One reason for this is the acting of both Balfe and Heughan. The pair has a very interesting on-screen chemistry that has been very convincing. This tightness led many fans to believe that the on-screen chemistry is also there in real life but this rumor has been squashed already by the duo–or so it seems.

Another rumor that had everybody going lately is that Balfe is leaving Heughan and the Outlander. There were reports saying Balfe will be leaving the Outlander to pursue a new career on the silver screen. Nobody can deny Balfe?s talent and media outlets, critics and fans speculate that she might finally get recognized by her peers with an Emmy nomination. Gold Derby reports that several experts have made this prediction; experts such as Lynette Rice from Entertainment Weekly, Ken Tucker from Yahoo and Paul Sheehan and Tom O?Neil from Gold Derby. But again, the rumor of her leaving the show has been totally squashed. ?

But pursuing more movie projects though had been in the plans of Balfe since she transitioned from being a model to an actress. Since transitioning, this Dubliner had silver screen projects such as landing minor roles in Now You See Me and Escape Plan. Balfe recently appeared in the Money Monster, a 2016 American film directed by Jodie Foster and had George Clooney playing the male lead, a cable financial guru who endorsed one company for investment and was held hostage by a distraught investor midair when the stock plummeted. Balfe played Diane Lester, a chief communications officer trying to appease the hostage-taker to save Clooney?s character.

This is good for Balfe and everybody needs to be happy for her. But for the fans, Balfe?s heavy schedule means that they would see less of her in the Outlander. It is rumored that she may take some break from the show. She will not leave that show but she may be leaving Heughan?s character in the show to give herself some ?me time.? Is this a good excuse considering how the story has been going? This rumor was reported by Game & Guide but Balfe has not commented about this as of press time.

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