Caitlyn Jenner Gets Big Praise From Kanye West: ?I Feel Proud To Be In This Family?

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There is no doubt about the fact that Kayne West is a huge fan of Catilyn Jenner. Even though everyone might not have been in favour of Catilyn?s surgery but Kayne and his daughter Kim Kardashian have been very receptive about the same.

In fact quite recently, Kayne was seen praising Catilyn at an interview. ?You know the first thing I did think about is I thought about black radio hosts maybe, possibly, making jokes about it because the black culture is generally so homophobic,? West said in his interview for SHOW studio’s In Camera series when asked, ?How did you feel when you heard that your stepfather was going to transition and become a woman?,? reported E Online!.

He continued, recalling his prediction that the news cycle would highlight the fact that ?this rapper has this transgender person in his family.?

Not just that, even when he called Catiylin Bruce by mistake, she immediately apologized for the same. According to Life And Style Magazine, when talking about how proud he is of the transgender 65-year-old for not letting public opinion hold her back, the rapper said, “Bruce just got off the exit sign and drove as fast as he wanted to.”

Immediately recognizing his mistake, Kanye backpedaled, saying, ?That’s disrespectful, I’m sorry. I’m still getting acquainted with what’s politically correct, because it’s new and it’s modern.?

Yahoo?reports that Kanye praised having Caitlyn as a ?father-in-law?, explaining to the audience: ?I feel proud to be in a family that is breaking ground for generations to come.?

And apart from talking about all the topics under the sun, During the talk Kanye spoke about his two-year-old daughter, North West, encouraged him to ?change the way he rapped?, the fact that his unborn son doesn?t currently have a name yet, and that he ?loves older white men?.

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