BYOD: The Newest Business Trend for Working Employees

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To start with, BYOD is a phrase used nowadays in the IT-Business ground, which means ?Bring Your Own Device?. It refers to a system or policy wherein organizations allow their employees to bring and use their computing devices. These are laptops, smart phones, tablets and PDAs or other equipment that the company uses. BYOD is already applied these days in some organizations, and is gradually getting recognized by many.

The BYOD system simply utilizes two recognizable benefits ? mobility and increased productivity, since they can bring their work at home or anywhere else they wish to.

However, there are some considerations to look out for.

Assurance of Employees? Privacy

It?s cool enough if the BYOD device used by the employee is provided by the company. With this, they should know that the package shall come up with restrictions to games, access to certain websites, and has monitoring software to track the employee?s progress. The privacy of the employees might be compromised here. Login credentials and personal details are what worry the employees.

Security of the Organization?s Assets and Data


The most important part of considering BYOD in an organization, is the total security of its assets and data. In the IT perspective, this is a really big deal in making sure that the device used by every employee will be protected from threats such as hackers, leakage of data, lost and in worst cases ? stolen. Since it contains vital information, there should also be a security assessment. The BYOD device should really be armed with powerful tools and software to make sure that it is safe, together with the organization?s assets and the rest.


BYOD policy is there because of the need to come up with a better way of doing business for all. No hidden agenda should be associated with it. Even though it gives ease, everyone should always be responsible with their devices.

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