By Complete Unexplainable Opportunity, A Man Bought And Owned For A Minute

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Sanmay Ved

Buying a .com website with potential for money making is very difficult and getting a really good one will need using all the strategies you know. But this was not the case of one former Google employee who struck gold and didn?t just bought a site that is profitable but was able to snag the most familiar and well-known domain name on the Internet —

Sanmay Ved was able to buy the website from no other than Google Domains and he did it for a measly sum of $12. He has a proof to prove that he did buy it and owned Google; his Discovery credit card was charged the $12 fee. There were also emails sent to him from two automated email addresses which is another indication of his successful purchase.

Even though his ownership was short-lived (Ved was able to claim ownership of the site for about a minute), Sanmay Ved was elated knowing that even for a minute he was the owner of the most trafficked domain in the entire history of the Internet.

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