BuZZ! Master Quiz review for the PSP

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Buzz! Master Quiz attempts to bring the game show experience to Sony’s PlayStation
portable.  In Buzz there are simply three game modes, including the traditional Solo
quiz challenge which is fifteen rounds of trivia that allows one person to test
their infinite knowledge, as well as the ability to have multiplayer challenges
which is supported in gamesharing.   In this mode, you can face off against up to
three other players in the fastest finger challenge!  In multiplayer, there is not
just an online mode there is also an offline mode called Pass Around.  In the
“Pass-Around” mode  you can have up to six players join you in a five round “Hot
Potato” game.  You remember that one…, However, played with the PSP (careful not to
drop it!) the PSP is passed around between two to six players  to see how quickly
you can answer questions in the area’s of  nature, music, movies, general knowledge,
science, celebrities, TV and sports.  Although this game has the capability to allow
you and a few friends to play, the flexibility using one controller is non-existent,
and at times difficult.  For just an individual gamer it   is fine.  The PS2/PS3
home addition versions would be a much better gaming experience for multiple
players.  This little brother of the series has a few problems with long on-line
loading times when gamesharing with others, and the inability to download additional
content makes me wonder how long it would take before you have answered all of the
questions or repetitive question repeat.

Overall, the graphics for the game are really good for a PSP game. Overall Buzz
master quiz cannot keep the competitive spirit like the PS2/PS3 versions. Buzz is a
game that should be only be played on a television at home. Not to say relentless
software did not try to make the game comparable to the PS2/PS3 with its creative
game modes but really did not Deliver an enjoyable experience overall.

grade C

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