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Kingdom Hearts 3 Play Arts Kai Sora Price & Where To Buy

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Kingdom Hearts 3
Sora and Rapunzel KH3

A happy day for KH fans! Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora is now part of the Play Arts Kai action figure collection!?

What is Play Arts Kai?

Play Arts Kai, according to their description, are figures that possess improved articulation, more accessories and slightly larger sizes than its predecessor (Play Arts). Under the Square Enix Umbrella, Play Arts Kai has formed collaborations with other popular gaming and anime brands like Capcom, Kojima Productions and Ubisoft, to name a few.

See the difference between Kingdom Hearts 2 Play Arts Sora and Kingdom Hearts 3 Play Arts – Kai Sora.?

Kingdom Hearts 3

Play Arts Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora

Kingdom Hearts 3

Play Arts Kai Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora

What is new with Kingdom Hearts 3?

Kingdom Hearts is a very unique game that features another of the Square Enix?s more popular crossovers with Disney characters. Most of the worlds to be featured in Kingdom Hearts 3 are Kingdom of Corona from Disney?s Tangled and San Fransokyo from Big Hero 6 with their respective iconic characters, Rapunzel and Baymax. Also to return to the game are Riku, Donald Duck, Goofy, King Mickey, Master Xehanort and Master Eraqus.

The Play Arts Kai Sora figure is based on Sora?s look in Kingdom Hearts 3, so expect a more mature and grown-up looking Sora sculpture. The figure is highly flexible and poseable, while the details and paint job are exquisite compared to the other non-Play Arts Sora action figures in the market. Square Enix also ?mentioned that, The Keyblade, that can change form into a double crossbow ? which could be called the trademark of this title ? is also included as an accessory part. With all these features and more, this figure is certainly an eagerly awaited collector?s item for fans.

The figure is 8.8 inches tall and 3.14 wide. The release date is on January 30, 2017. Sound effects and Sora voice not included.

You can pre-order this figure now at $149.99 here.

Which one do you like best? Kingdom Hearts 2 Play Arts Sora or Kingdom Hearts 3 Play Arts – Kai – Sora?

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