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Buy insured gold online with the option of safe vault storage or doorstep delivery

No high fees and no holdover or waiting periods.

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  • Experience seamless gold transactions without exorbitant fees
  • Gold prices offers a hedge against inflation and market recession
  • Make sure to buy gold insured against theft, losses, and even misplacement

The Vaulted app is a one-of-a-kind gateway for online gold buyers to access 99.99 percent pure and insured gold manufactured and stored at the Royal Canadian Mint, a government-owned ISO 90001:2000 certified refinery. 

All gold bought through Vaulted is insured against theft and losses and mixups. The holdings in the vaults are also audited on a quarterly basis by government officials. If you’d prefer, Vaulted will Fedex your holdings within a week of placing a request to your doorstep, as well. 

The app itself is secured by 256-bit encryption and is managed by developers at Google and frequently undergoes security audits. Gold transaction fees never go beyond 1.8 percent. An additional 0.4 percent in annual account maintenance fees is also applicable. The maintenance fee goes away if you decide to get your holdings shipped to your home. 

Vaulted is managed by a team of precious metal experts who have decades of experience in handling over $2.5 billion worth of transactions. You may reach out to them for all kinds of queries encompassing gold investments and the Vaulted app.  

How to Get Started on Vaulted

After downloading the app, simply create an account (this only takes a minute). After that, you may link your checking account on their secure platform and initiate a transfer of your choosing to your new Vaulted account.

Once the transfer is complete, you can buy and sell gold almost instantly during market hours. This new-age tech ensures that there are no holdovers or waiting periods for gold transactions. 

Why Invest in Gold

To sum it up, gold has a universal demand and limited quantity that keep it ahead of rising inflation and make it immune to stock fluctuations. Gold doesn’t face market devaluation compared to government-issued fiat currencies, either. 

Furthermore, global acceptance makes gold one of the most tradable assets in the world. Hence, you can easily conduct business using gold as a medium of exchange, and avoid the restrictions and limitations of banking systems. Like real estate, gold prices have been observed to historically appreciate over time, as well.