Burger King’s ‘Burger Clan’ Delivery Service Plays PS4 Games And Takes Food Orders At The Same Time

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Burger Clan
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Do you always find yourself hungry during high endurance multiplayer sessions but couldn’t risk pausing the game to call for delivery? Well, Burger King has got you covered. The restaurant chain has recently unveiled its newest delivery service that will appear in select multiplayer PlayStation 4 titles to help you both in your games and cravings.

Called the Burger Clan, the fascinating delivery service is a partnership of the company’s Spanish agency, Lola MullenLowe, and Sony PlayStation. It basically consists of a team of gamers who will shoot, dribble, or race with you in your favorite PlayStation 4 games not just to help you complete your missions, but also take your food orders in case you feel like eating a BK Whopper and Chicken fries mid-game. The company would then deliver it to your doorstep.

Bianca Shen, marketing director for Burger King Spain, said: “Burger Clan is a creative disruption in both the home delivery and gaming worlds and it strikes a great balance between useful and fun. As a brand we love acting differently but with a strong purpose and relevance. Burger Clan is a great example of this thinking.”

So, how does it exactly work?

Burger Clan Delivery Service

According to the company’s press release (via Mashable), Burger King will be operating a “command center” over the next few weeks as it sneaks itself into your online matches with PlayStation’s permission. If you sign up with Burger Clan online, one of its agents would play with you and be ready to get your Burger King order anytime while somehow being an asset to your team.

In case you’re skeptical about the “asset” part, Burger King assures you that the co-player will not be just any gamer. They are reportedly hiring “nine professional gamers, champions of the most popular [PlayStation] games,” so the service will surely not disappoint. FIFA champion Alfonso Ramos Cuevas is just one of the pros you could possibly play with should you decide to register to Burger Clan.

Unfortunately, the scheme is only available in Spain for now. So if you live somewhere else, you won’t have the chance to play with the biggest PS4 gamers working for Burger King unless of course if the service proves to be a success. The company apparently intends to bring the project to other markets in the future.

Burger Clan is not the first company to introduce an unusual food delivery service. Earlier this year, Pizza Hut came up with a pair of pizza-ordering smart shoes. Called the Pie Tops, it allows wearers to order a pizza by simply pressing a button on the footwear. Click here for the full story.

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