Bungie Loses Passion For Halo Franchise

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When you hear the name Bungie the title HALO isn’t too far behind why? because that’s the game that gave Xbox their pass into this game industry. Halo is the type of game that doesn’t come along everyday but when it does it’s a major accomplishment, not just for the developers and gamers but for the industry as a whole.

Halo has rocked the world of gaming since it’s debut back in 2001 and 8 years later it’s still the game to top well until now. Halo 3: ODST is a game that we all expect to be amongst the elite when it was released but instead it was just a standard FPS with the HALO name engraved on it to generate sales.

Although the game is good this is HALO and that’s the difference because when you mention HALO in this industry the word GREAT should come right after that but the passion in this title obviously isn’t present this time around. WHAT HAPPENED BUNGIE?

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