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Bully 2: Kevin’s Back Jack PS4 Listing Surfaces Online, Release Date In Fall

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bully 2
Bully 2 has been leaked. [Image from Game Informer]

In a surprising bit of news that no one expected, a listing for Bully 2 has surfaced online. Rockstar Games has barely hinted at a sequel before, so seeing this listing is a huge deal for fans. While not as loved as the GTA series, Bully did gain quite the following, which resulted in numerous re-releases.

Fans can check out the listing on Game Informer, which states that the game is coming to the PS4 this Fall, which is shocking. There has literally been zero news regarding a sequel, and now we have a listing with a release window. If this ends up being legitimate, it should be one of the more interesting 2017 releases from Rockstar Games.

Bully For Everyone

Bully 2 existing is surprising in itself, but what’s odd is it’s officiall name, Bully 2: Kevin’s Back Jack. No one knows who Kevin or Jack is, so the title is just an oddity to behold, which is fun. Jimmy was the first game’s lead character and Gary was the main antagonist, so the title has no continuity pleasing.

That doesn’t mean fans don’t want a standalone sequel, since it’s predecessor is old, coming out on PS2 and Xbox. Curious fans can actually play the first Bully now on the PS4 as a PS2-on-PS4 digital title, which is nice. Xbox fans actually have it better, since the Xbox 360 Scholarship Edition is backwards compatible with the Xbox One.

E3 Reveal?

Considering the timing of the leak, we could see a Bully 2 reveal next week during E3 2017. It should be a pleasant surprise, especially for fans that were saddened by the delay of Red Dead Redemption 2. Maybe the sequel was delayed for this follow up, but that’s just pure speculation at this point in time.

In a gaming generation filled with GTA-style open-world games, this sequel should be refreshing for those tired of the genre. Rockstar surprised everyone with this game back in 2006, and the sequel should be even better now that two gaming generations has passed. If the sequel can be half as good as it’s predecessor, fans would still be pleased with the final product.

As of this writing, Bully 2 could be slated for a Fall release on PS4, since no other systems are listed. Fans curious about the game should check Bully out now on PS4, since it’s available as a PS2 classic. Xbox fans that kept their copy of the Scholarship edition can replay it as well.

Update: GameInformer has now tweeted about their posting. The publication said they have not heard of Bully 2 and this was a simple error.

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