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Bully 2: What Fans Want

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Bully 2 Could Be Coming Soon
Jimmy Hopkins And One Of The Cheerleaders In Bully [Image Courtesy Of Rockstar]

Not all of Rockstar’s best known games involve murdering people. Aside from a racing series and a table tennis title, they also created a GTA-like game set in school called Bully. For years, players have yearned for a sequel to the instant classic, but Rockstar was busy with other titles. However, the name Bully 2 is already making rounds across the internet and it looks like Rockstar is set to give fans what they want.

A recent listing reveals what looks to be Bully 2 and with E3 2017 coming up, fans got all riled up. Sadly, the game is being debunked left and right but fans are still more than excited to see the next game and they’re already thinking up of new and returning features in the next entry.

A Bigger World

In the first game, Jimmy Hopkins first had access to Bullworth Academy. As players progress through the story, the explorable area continued to expand up until Jimmy Hopkins had access to the entire town of the game. While the overall explorable world was decent, players can’t help but feel it was rather small as compared to other Rockstar titles back then like Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. For the next game, fans would definitely want a bigger open world. Hopefully, Rockstar uses a university setting for the school so that it’ll be significantly bigger.

Better Faction System

In the first game, players can get to meet and befriend several factions including the Bullies, Nerds, Preppies, Greasers, Jocks and Townies. It was a pretty fun mechanic and it allowed us to meet a variety of characters, but the overall mechanic felt dull.

Alliances will be forcibly broken or made if players progressed through the story and there’s no freedom in aligning with the factions. In Bully 2, fans would want more freedom with the various factions rather than just a linear approach to it.

Bring Back School Life

One of the unique features of Bully that set it apart from other sandbox games was the school life that players are forced to partake it. Jimmy Hopkins had to attend several classes, stick to a curfew and so many more. It was a good simulation of a typical teen’s school life and it added depth to the game that set it apart from Grand Theft Auto. This was one of the best features of the first game and it would be a shame if Rockstar removes this for Bully 2.

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