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Bullied Thai-German Gay Couple In Viral Photo Is Happily Married, Here?s Their Message To Haters

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Bullied Thai-German Gay Couple

A few months back, a photo taken inside a train went viral for the most shallow of reasons: Two guys, one Asian and one Caucasian, were captured holding hands during a commute. The photo was shared via Instagram, gaining equally positive and negative comments from all over the world.

On one hand, people are saying how beautiful the picture is: Two different races coming together because of love, overcoming distance and diversity.

And then there were the negatives. Some commented how ?unfair? life is because the Asian guy is apparently ?too plain? while German dude looks better than other Hollywood blokes. Some even went on to say that Asian guy was a hooker out to make a quick buck from German guy.

Many cried foul about the comments, and the couple, Nararuj “Mond” Kaendi, former Creative Director of a modeling agency, and his boyfriend, Thorsten Middelhof, thought the whole thing was ridiculous and an invasion of their privacy.

Mond went on to say: ?”Taking photos of people like that is no different than filming under a woman’s skirt. It’s a violation of privacy. The first caption I saw was ‘I?ll have to make my face ugly [to get a hot white guy].'”

“Sometimes people comment ‘the foreigner got himself a hooker.’ People don’t know how long we have been together or who we are. Of course, I cannot tell them what to think, but these things wouldn’t happen if no one took a photo,” he said.

Many sent them message of support, and last Saturday, the couple proved their love is true and got married!

Posting photos on Instagram, Mond and Thorsten showed how happy they are together and got hitched in Germany. Both looking dapper in identical tux, the pictures showed the happy couple always hand-in-hand and posing with friends and family.

Their message? Mond thanked supporters for having their backs, and as for the haters, he sent out this earlier message: ?If what we do and what we are is so wrong, then why are we so blessed and happy??

Well, we?re happy for you Mond, cheers to your long lives together!

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