Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition: Release Date For PS4, Xbox One, And PC Announced As Gearbox Skips Borderlands 3 Reveal! Duke Nukem As Pre-Order Bonus

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Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition

Recently, Gearbox Software revealed the Bulletstorm Full Clip edition for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on The Game Awards 2016. The new Bulletstorm will be released on April 7 2017 and will include Duke Nukem as its pre-order DLC. When will Gearbox Software announce the next Borderlands 3 reveal?

Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition

Recently, the Bulletstorm Full Clip edition showed brief snips of its gameplay at The Game Awards 2016. Fans still see the brutal gameplay that Bulletstorm is well-known for. More than just Bulletstorm?s return, Gearbox Software confirmed that there will be a pre-order exclusive Duke Nukem bonus where their main character is replaced by Nukem.

No Borderlands 3

Previously, Gearbox Software?s Randy Pitchford revealed on his Twitter of their December 1 reveal. Some fans expected it to be the Borderlands 3 as Gearbox previously confirmed of the game?s existence last April. However, the teased game turned out to be Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition rather than Borderlands 3?announced at the The Game Awards 2016. Currently, no info about Borderlands 3 has been revealed at the moment.

Duke Nukem Comeback?

Previously, Duke Nukem Forever was released last 2011 and heavily disappointed fans with its release. The game got bad reviews due to its bad quality and continuous discounts just to sell the game. The game?s failure may have hurt any chances of another Duke Nukem game. Potentially, Gearbox Software?s Bulletstorm Full Clip edition can give Duke Nukem another chance to redeem himself with that bad release. For now, we?ll have to wait until April 2017 if Bulletstorm Full Clip edition turns out to be a good game.

For now, Bulletstorm fans rejoice for the upcoming release. Borderlands 3 fans will still have to wait some more to wait for the its reveal. Currently, Gearbox Software hasn?t released any story, gameplay or any information about the Borderlands game outside its confirmation. At best, Borderlands 3 fans may check out the upcoming Bulletstorm game as they wait for the Borderlands 3 release.

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