These bullet chillers will let you enjoy chilled undiluted beverages every time

They even chill faster than ice!

Advertising Disclosure

  • Cool bullet design.
  • Chills faster than ice.
  • Won’t dilute your beverage.
  • Remarkable present for any occasion.
  • Made from stainless steel.

Do you prefer your drink on the rocks? Enjoy it without diluting your beverages with these Bullet Whiskey Stones!


These beautiful stainless steel bullets were made to chill your whiskey, scotch, vodka, white or red wine without watering them down.

They even chill faster than ice! It only takes an hour for them to be cool enough for your liquor–again, of course, minus the dilution. The fact that they look cool is only a bonus. Get ready to wow your guests or your Instagram followers with how bad-ass they look.

The bullet stones’ exquisite design provides a unique drinking experience, making every celebration special! It also makes it a remarkable present for any occasion to your loved ones. 😉


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