Building a Custom PC: What Important Parts You Should Prioritise?

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Creation of custom-built PCs is now a growing trend to reduce cost while meeting system requirements of demanding applications such as full 3D or HD gaming and multimedia editing tools. Here are some important factors you should know when resorting to custom PCs.

Tower Type

You may encounter mid-tower and full-tower models for PCs which are both useful. But for saving some money, take on the mid-tower instead, since it is already capable of housing the motherboard, processor, graphics chipset, RAM, hard drive and disk drive. Full towers allow more rooms for upgrades, but can be very expensive.

Performance Prowess

If you play hard-core 3D games such as the SIMS 3 or Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you may need at least Intel Core i5 quad-core processor for stable performance. RAM can be at least 8 GB especially for 64-bit systems, while 12 to 16 if multimedia editing tools such as Adobe are installed. Upgrading the RAM beyond ?what the game supports will not increase its performance.

Heart of Every Game

Graphics processing unit or GPU is the heart of every game out there and it is affected by several factors. Games that support 1080p resolution do not require hard-core video cards and local stores in your area can suggest decent models. However, going higher such as 2K or 4K may demand more than one video card to perform smoothly ? higher resolution means more money to be spent.

User Experience

There are other parts that can improve user experience aside from CPU, GPU and RAM. Certain computer mice and keyboards are also effective in delivering comfort for hours of PC usage. Choose accessories such as stereo speakers, pad-less mouse and gaming keyboard to enjoy your new PC. Moreover, use wired Internet connection for online games and headsets with microphone for live chatting during gameplay.

Taking the Heat

High-powered hardware parts and programs can cause too much heat which could damage the parts you?ve invested. Never forget to buy additional coolers to prevent the heat from burning parts especially during summer.

You Should Recycle

If you have any old desktop PCs or unused laptops, you can recycle some parts either to add on your new custom-build PC or sell it out to reduce the price of new parts. In addition, do not throw away Windows installer as it contains eligible codes used for installation. Windows XP and 7 are both compatible with most games and software available in the market.

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