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Photo credit to Nvidia
Photo credit to Nvidia

Photo credit to Nvidia

Want to have a great PC setup? We?re coming up with a series of build suggestions that will fit different budgets. Here?s our $400 special:

Everybody wants to be a part of the PC Masterrace, but their wallets can?t comply with the extreme expenses. But that does not mean you have to shell off a ton of money to get a decent gaming set up. We picked two great builds that will only cost you at around $400 or less, it?s the same price as that of a current gen gaming consoles. So let?s begin.


First let?s take a look at some of the essential components of a personal computer when purchasing:

  • Processor ? The brain of every computer, it handles the processing power. The higher the processing power, the faster it runs any application.
  • Motherboard ? The foundation of your computer, it holds all the components to make it run.
  • Memory card (RAM) ? It stores the temporary storage from the CPU (your processor) to make it perform any computing tasks. The higher the memory, the faster it can load files.
  • Video card ? This is what produces those awesome graphics in your games, the more powerful the card is, the better the visuals.
  • Hard drive ?Where all data and files are stored, including your music, videos, photos and games. The bigger the capacity, the more it can store data.
  • Power supply ? This is what makes your computer running.
  • PC casing ? This houses all your components to keep it secure.

Just to remind everyone, we will only be focusing at the PC rig, so keyboards, mouse and monitor will not count on this budget.

Now that you have a short refresher on the components let?s proceed with the build

  • Processor: Intel Pentium G3260 3.3Ghz 2-Core $57
  • Motherboard: Asus H81M-D $55
  • Memory: G.Skill Aegis 4GB ddr3 1600 CL11 x 2 $55
  • Video card: Palit GT 740 OC Ed 2GB/128bit ddr5 $97
  • Hard drive: Seagate 1tb (ST1000DM003) 64mb Sata $54
  • Power Supply: Corsair VS450 450w $35
  • PC Casing: Aerocool GT $27

Total: $380


Yep, that?s less than $400, you may noticed that we opted for a Pentium-class processor as we are prioritizing the setup as a gaming machine. But even with a Pentium processor, it still can run any game with impressive performance, not to mention it has low power consumption.

To complement for a low-end cPU, we doubled the memory to 8GB for it to run more programs without causing tremendous slowdowns to your computer. The 1TB storage capacity is quite enough for a $400 budget, it can hold hundreds of videos and thousands of songs and photos, and it can still store a couple of games while at it.

And finally the GT 740 was our favorite option, not only is it affordable, it can run newer games with decent framerates on high settings. We prioritize on the video card to provide the most decent unit for the $400 budget. You can check the sample video below of Watch Dogs with Ultra settings with some minor tweaks and the GT 740 as their video card.

We hope that this handy little guide can help you build your gaming rig on a budget. Well this may not be PC Masterrace worthy, but this can be a stepping stone for you to reach that level in the future.

If you have some gaming rig build suggestions, let us know by hitting at the comment section below.

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