Build a Bear Workshop on Pokemon Toys: Charmander Finally Arrives!

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If you’re thinking about the best gifts you could give your kids this holiday season, there’s no need to look far. The Pokemon Company and Build A Bear Workshop has teamed up once again to bring you Pokemon toys featuring the Pokemon Charmander set. This is their third collab after Eevee and Pikachu per

Exclusive Build a Bear Charmander Set Available Online

Every Build-A-Poke-Bear set comes with various accessories. These include a Great Ball Hoodie, a Lucario Hoodie, plus Build-A-Bear Workshop TCG card exclusively from Pokemon. This retails at $61 plus tax. Then there’s your make-your-own Pokemon Charmander plus which sells at $28 plus tax. This is sold separately at Build-A-Bear Workshop stores and as part of the exclusive set online. This consists of Build-A-Bear Workshop Charmander Pokemon TCG Card. There’s also the Great Ball Hoodie which is available at $12.50 plus tax, sold separately at Build-A-Bear Workshop stores and as part of their exclusive set. Build-A-Bear Workshop will have the Great Ball Hoodie and make-your-own Charmander at U.S., U.K. and Canada stores starting December 8.

Genius Marketing Strategy also noted that whether or not it was intentional, the marketing strategy was a clever one. If you notice, the Charizard Hoodie is only available to the Pikachu exclusive. So fanatics who are dying to convert their Charmander to a more adorable Charizard will need to buy both sets. There are also those people who asked about ordering empty Charmander skin. They eventually had to add the caption ?this item cannot be purchased unstuffed? to their description. Poor souls, but what can we do? Rules are rules. You?ll just have to save up for it if you really want it that bad.

With this latest craze that?s going on right now, it?s highly unlikely that Build A Bear Workshop will add more Pokemon characters in their collection soon. The Pokemon franchise has become a multi-million dollar company over the years. With the loyal fandom that they?re enjoying, there?s no better time to make those cuddly characters than now.

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