Looking for a Budget-Friendly Laptop? Here’s the Google Chromebook

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If there is one thing people are mostly concerned when buying a laptop, it?s the price. Purpose comes next. And when presented with two choices, a person is more likely to choose the cheaper option.

This is why Chromebooks are ideal choices for people who want an affordable laptop.

Before anything else, what is a Chromebook?

This is a personal computer that runs on Google?s Chrome OS system. It looks like a laptop but some don?t consider it one because of its limitations. Chromebooks are designed to be used while connected to the Internet and mainly use Google?s suite of applications?Gmail, Drive, Docs and Calendar among others.

Many companies have released their own Chromebooks?Acer, HP, and Toshiba?and the ones you?ll find in the market today range from the 11-, 13-, and 14-inch models.

Limitations of the Chromebook

Its main distinction is its operating system. Google Chrome OS is, obviously different from the ones we?re used to like Windows. Chromebooks mostly run web-based apps so you need to be connected to the Internet all the time.

Creating and editing documents are done via Google Docs. You store files in Google Drive. Chromebooks don?t have a file management system, unfortunately. But you really don?t have to worry too much because there?s the cloud.

Its main use is browsing the web?checking emails, going on social networks and watching movies.

So is that all it can do?

If so, why should you get it?

Fact is many can?t consider this their primary computing device. Obviously, there are things one can only do with a Windows laptop or a Macbook. But it doesn?t mean the Chromebook can?t make you happy.

Advantages of using the Chromebook:

  • Has a very sleek design that you?ll like. You certainly won?t mind bringing it to Starbucks.
  • Its operating system is fast. Boot up only takes 10 seconds.
  • The device is very shareable. You can create accounts not only for yourself but others as well. This is perfect for collaborating on projects.
  • Updates automatically.
  • Creates backup of files automatically.
  • You don?t need to worry about virus or malware.
  • You can access Google Chrome web store to download thousands of apps, themes, and extensions.
  • It?s way cheaper than the other laptops in the market.

Don?t you think it?s awesome that you can buy a laptop at less than $300?

Personally, the limitations of Chromebooks aren?t that limiting since we are in an era where Internet is everywhere. These days, you can connect to the Internet no matter where you are and that?s all you need to fully enjoy the sleek, affordable, and functional Chromebook.

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