Best Budget Laptops: Specs and Why you should buy them

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This year is the year of the budget laptops.

With the Dell XPS 13 paving the way for the tone of the season laptops have since become thinner and smaller than most of their counterparts. The current crop follows the defunct Netbook incarnation?laptops that were small and less-powerful counterparts of their bulkier versions. We take a look at some of the versions this year.

The laptops in this list come from Lenovo, Asus, HP, and Toshiba. These laptops are like Netbooks in every way; two of them run Windows 8.1 OS, so there?s the possibility of upgrading to Windows 10. Two of them prefer to use Google?s Chrome OS, and it?ll be interesting to see how that turns out.

Lenovo?s N20 Chromebook

Priced at $330 for a laptop that is packaged with a Celeron processor, 2GB of RAM and a 16GB SSD, it?s safe to say that Lenovo?s N20 Chromebook is anything but a gaming or editing laptop. It has seen heavy usage in classrooms, and is one of the laptops making the case for the widespread usage of Cloud computing, a feature which Chromebook laptops are relying heavily upon.

The only thing we see here is that, at $330, even Google?s own Chromebooks are better buys than this one. If you like to keep things simple and have no need for a flashy design, the only thing the Lenovo N20 can give you is a longer battery life.

The Asus Transformer Book T100

Asus? Transfomer Book T100?goes back to a time when Netbooks were the rage. These were the solution computer companies found in lieu of their bulkier cousins. The Asus T100 gives us a special detachable half that transforms it into a tablet, while it?s powered by a Bay Trail Atom processor and runs full-on Windows 8.

There?s very little that?s bad with the T100. If you want larger laptops and a vibrant display, the T100 isn?t for you. But there?s nothing wrong about it if you?re searching for a portable solution that runs Windows 8 at full capacity.

HP Stream 11

Chrome started a revolution with their Chromebooks?a budget-friendly option for people who are only buying laptops to surf the Net. This is what HP Stream 11 hopes to cash in on: a well-designed Chromebook that is not only efficient but easy on the eyes. Not much is to be expected with this HP Chromebook?it?s got a Celeron processor, 2GB of RAM, and a minuscule 32 GB of SSD.

What it does have that makes it solid is a Windows 8 OS, aside from the obvious Chrome cloud computing dependency. As with all Chromebooks, not much can be said in terms of its storage and memory, but it does have a solid battery life.

Toshiba?s Chromebook 2

Toshiba has been known to make laptops that, while not flashy, are good, solid workhorses. Once again, they managed to pull off combining the appeal of Chromebooks with a good and dependent machine in the ChromeBook 2. It?s one Chromebook that features quite the screen at 2080p while also offering great sounding speakers, making it a surprisingly fit Chromebook also built for entertainment, as it appears.

With all these features, it also appears that the Chromebook 2 can be viewed as the cream of the crop of the current Chromebooks available on the market.

Did you have any choices among the four of them? Whatever the case, it?s safe to say that the age of the Chromebook?a revamped Netbook?has arrived.


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