bttn : A Big Button That Is Web Connected and Can Be Programmed like IFTTT (If This Then That) To Do Anything.

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bttn : A Big Button That Is Web Connected and Can Be Programmed like IFTTT (If This Then That) To Do Anything.

Who wouldn’t love a big red button? Especially if it is internet connected and can be programmed to do just about any computer related thing that one can imagine. This is what bttn is all about and why it is becoming the latest sensation in web related devices.

bttn is a large, web connected device in the form of a button, that is configurable to perform ?unlimited? tasks in the ?physical? world, with the use of internet services. Although the concept of automating tasks with a punch of a key is nothing new, bttn is a device that you can configure to do a specific task, and have fun at the same time, every time you press that ?big red button?.

A number of web services have already put this ?automation? concept into practice. A service called IFTTT (If This Then That) , lets users connect to a number of multiple ?channels? in order to automate ?triggers? and ?actions?.

bttn offers a similar service, but adds a physical component to the process.

In the bttn website, the company provides the following information:

?Meet the bttn ? the simplest internet user interface in the world

  • A stand-alone physical push button that connects to the internet
  • Simply press the bttn and your Magic Happens?
  • Now available for pre-order, shipping starts 10-2014?

The features of the bttn?are ?summarized in the infographic below:



When the bttn is connected to the web via wifi or 3G, it can be easily configured using any internet browser. The bttn user can then set up the button to interact with multiple channels like Facebook, Twitter, IFTTT, SMS, RSS, email and many more.

Once the red button is pressed, it automatically sends a message to the bttn cloud server, which enables it to perform a task or action. Examples of tasks it can perform are described on the bttn website as such:

?When a 6-year old daughter presses the bttn in the front hall, Daddy’s cell receives the SMS message “I am home! Emily (via button)”. -Or when a shopper chooses a red button over green button when leaving a store, the customer satisfaction survey system’s negative feedback counter is incremented by one. ?Or when at a warehouse a pallet is ready to go, the pick-up bttn is pressed, and the logistics company receives a notification to send in a van. ?Or, create the coolest doorbell, or the ultimate pizza-ordering device, just to impress your friends.?

Those who have tried the bttn say that the possibilities are endless, and gives further ways to use bttn, such as:

  • using it as a voting trigger in elections
  • an emergency button for the sick and elders ( a clever way suggested is to configure it to send an alert if the bttn is NOT pressed at a certain time, to indicate that something is wrong).

The bttn also utilizes flashing LED lights to indicate the status of the task. Confused?

bttn explains it very clearly:

?The bttn has handy feedback lights for the end user: Flashing GREEN top means successful completion of the trigger, RED means error, and a circling YELLOW means wait. Pretty simple, really.?

Yes, simple, but awesome, just like the bttn.

In a nutshell, the bttn is a device that carries out digital tasks in a physical and simple way.

The bttn site offers a pre-order offer of EUR 69.00, but the offer is only available up to the 31st of August 2014.

For more information, you can visit their site at:


Or contact them at:

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