Bruce Springsteen River Tour: Why Bruce Springsteen Is That Nice Guy

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Bruce Springsteen

For the past four to five decades, Bruce Springsteen has been proving, through his live shows and tours throughout the country, that he?s one of the nicest guys in the biz. ?The Boss?, as he has been called, is currently in the middle of The River Tour, in promotion of the box set The Ties that Bind: The River Collection. And he?s been outdoing each performance; each night of the tour reportedly has been lasting for at least three hours, and the set list has at least 30 items on the list.

Packed Night at the Blue Cross

Last Saturday, February 27, 2016?s show at the Blue Cross Arena in Rochester, New York, was something special, however. Springsteen?s only been to this side of the country for seven times throughout his career as an entertainer, and the last time he was there was in 2012.

The city had so many Springsteen fans that the tickets were sold out by the end of December; some of the fans wanted to see him again, others were only there to see him for the very first time. But it was a special night for several fans, including one old man who would be seeing Springsteen perform for the last time that night.

Joe Granata was a fan of Springsteen, and had already seen him perform nine times before last Saturday. But when he was diagnosed with a terminal brain cancer last year, he decided that one of his last wishes was to see Springsteen perform one last time.

The Blue Cross Arena made this possible by donating two tickets for Joe and his daughter, Grace. And the two had a great time, with WGME reporting that younger Granata said that it was ?…hands down the best day??

Dancing at 65

On the other hand, Teri Walderman, who turned 65 on the day of the concert at the Blue Cross, received a once-in-a-lifetime chance to dance with Bruce Springsteen onstage. It was the singer?s habit to select random members of the audience to perform a song with him onstage, and Wilderman was the lucky winner of that night?s performance.

It wasn?t all luck, though. Wilderman and her son, Sam, were holding up placards that read ?65 today, let?s dance? and ?It?s my mom?s 65th, let?s dance.? Springsteen chose the boy, and then brought Teri up on stage. And before she knew what was happening, she was holding an acoustic guitar and jamming with Springsteen on Dancing in the Dark.

In an interview with the Democrat & Chronicle, Wilderman stated that she didn?t know if Springsteen ever said anything to her, but she did get a kiss and a hug from the entertainer after the song ended. This also turned her into something of a celebrity during the concert; people were recognizing her whenever she would go out of the venue and into the lobby.

41 Years on Thunder Road

If you can?t catch him on any of his tour dates throughout the tour, fret not. Fans can still enjoy the majesty of one of Springsteen?s more poignant numbers, Thunder Road, an iconic track from Born To Run, released in 1975. A supercut of all of Springsteen?s live performances of this song from the 1970s to the 2010s was put together by Vimeo user Phil Whitehead, aptly calling it Bruce Springsteen: 41 Years On Thunder Road. You can watch it here.

The River Tour will keep on going throughout America and through most of Europe until its final scheduled performance at the Circus Maximus in Italy, Rome. This will be on July 16, 2016.

In the meantime, Springsteen?s next stop will be at the BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee on March 3.

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