Bruce Lee To Be Featured in ‘EA Sports UFC’

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If anybody would talk about martial arts, especially people who have always been a fan of the art of kicking ass, there are a lot of martial artists, both in real life and behind the big screens that names will pop. But from all of the names, one will definitely be always on the top, and that is Bruce Lee. Fortunately, EA Sports and UFC pretty much knows that and they will actually include the icon in their next upcoming game EA Sports UFC and be the water yourself.

However, some fans, surprisingly enough, aren?t that familiar with Bruce Lee. Because of this, EA Sports also released a new trailer that actually introduces the Enter The Dragon star. It is in order to shed some light of the icon?s importance in the industry of martial arts, both in films and in real life. The trailer showcases his importance and his philosophies that greatly affected how UFC was shaped for the modern day gladiators and combatants.

This is not the first time that Bruce Lee will make an appearance in a video game. This, however, must be the most realistic looking Bruce Lee, yet. There are no signature ?one-inch-punches? however, but the fans of both martial arts, Bruce Lee and UFC in general, are sure in for a lot of treats with the upcoming mixed martial arts game from EA.

Even without these over-the-top moves, fans will surely enjoy the inclusion of the REAL martial arts master in the game. A lot of fans are anticipating the way Bruce Lee will be unlocked in the game, either through a hard challenge mode or through pre-order. The thing is, real fight fans are looking forward into kicking some serious ass in the game.

Are you excited to pit Bruce Lee in the octagon with well-known superstars in the UFC universe? We sure are.

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