Bruce Lee: Most Played UFC Fighter

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We have seen a lot of bloody matchups in UFC. From one-hit KO?s to unbreakable submissions, this is definitely for guys with balls. To add to this, we will also be seeing much of Bruce Lee?s one-inch punch.

Statistics show that EA Sports UFC?s most played character is Bruce Lee. Even though Bruce Lee has not fought any UFC match, he was able to top the biggest names in the Octagon, such as Jon ?Bones? Jones, Georges St-Pierre, and Anderson Silva. With the highest played record of 3.41m, Bruce Lee went past over Jones and St-Pierre with both 3.40, and Anderson Silva with 3.04.

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Lee, was a celebrated actor and considered a legendary martial artist. If Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee got ?into a fight, Bruce Lee will totally beat the crap out of Chuck Norris. ?However, you can check this video and see how he?s taking a beating.

In the game, you would not be able to select Bruce Lee until you have completed a Hard Difficulty for the game?s Career Mode or if you have preordered him. However, if you have cash to spare, you can pay to get access to him. You can get him for 2$ per weight class, or 6$ to get him in four weight classes.

It is still a mystery why he is the only legendary fighter to ever enter the octagon. There are other great fighters that you can pick. However, fans who are really watching UFC matches went?on a complete rage giving reasons why having Bruce Lee into the Octagon is a bad idea.

The?UFC was founded 20 years after Lee’s??death. However, his daughter, Shannon Lee made a remark about her father getting into the game.

In an interview with Gamespot:

?This isn?t real life; this is fun, Bruce Lee liked to have fun?, Shannon stated

UFC President, Dana White, also stated that if ever Chuck Norris will be added into the game, he?d be okay with it.

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