Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV Anime Episodes: What’s It All About; Watch It Here

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Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV

Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV is a short animated series that dwells on the deep bond the Crown Prince Noctis has with his comrades, Ignis, Prompto and Gladiolus. So far Square Enix and A-1 Pictures have released 4 episodes and it revolves around these four men and their journey to get Noctis to Lunafreya, while being chased by the Imperial Army. Most of the episodes show these men traveling in their Regalia (car) and hanging out to eat whenever they can, before being chased out again.

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The backstories are mostly flashbacks to the time of Noctis’ youth. Episode 2 shows Prompto as a chubby kid who was asked to be friends with Noctis after saving the dog of a noble named Lunafreya. But because Prompto was chubby and had no self-confidence, he thought he didn’t deserve to be Noctis? friend. So he started jogging and went on a diet until he finally got slim during high school.

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Gladiolus, on the other hand, was assigned to train and protect the young prince. The two grew closer when Gladiolus found out that Noctis protected Gladiolus? younger sister, Iris, when she went out of the palace to chase a cat. Noctis took the blame for her actions and was even grounded for it. Gladiolus only found out after Iris told him the truth, perhaps out of the guilt she felt for Noctis. Because of this, Gladiolus felt indebted to Noctis and never looked at him as a bratty child anymore.

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Then comes the story of Ignis and the origin of his relationship with Noctis. Ignis was entrusted by Regis to care for Noctis. He also cleans up his apartment, cooks dinner for Noctis as well as prepares him for his future duty as king. Initially, Noctis would rebel and argue with Ignis about his future as king. Eventually, Noctis realizes how important his duties are when he sees Regis? health has declined.

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This animated series sheds light on how the four characters got together and how they all ended up as good friends. They goof around at times but in the end, they all got each other’s back – ?whether it?s the empire chasing them, hunting down giant beasts, or even just camping out and preparing for dinner. They are all ready to stick together for anything. Episode 5 is still yet to be released. But seeing how the series is going now, it’ll be worth the wait even with the delayed release of the Final Fantasy XV game itself.

Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV

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