Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 Premiere: Jake And Holt Team Up To Get Jimmy Figgis

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 Premiere

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 4 premiere opened with Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and Captain Holt (Andrea Braugher) keeping it on the down low in FBI?s witness protection program. Six months into the program, Jake starts to break. Meanwhile, the same cannot be said for Holt as he goes by the book and try to blend in. In fact, he is up to get the assistant manager position at the local arcade.

The experience was made worse by news from the FBI marshal about the failure of the raid that was staged to capture Mafia leader Figgis. The failure meant the duo would have to stay in Florida indefinitely.

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After the meeting with the marshal, it was then revealed that Jake was doing a little bit of ?undercover? duty on his own. He has rented a self-storage space to house his files which was then later discovered by Holt. Armed with his knowledge of Jake?s actions even against strict orders from the marshal, Holt confronts Jake and takes away all his files.

Jake did not like what Holt did, so, in retaliation, he applied for the assistant manager position at Holt?s job. Jake then proceeded to torment and blackmail Holt into giving him back his files. Unfortunately, the series of humiliation ended abruptly when the duo was filmed by a bystander. They then have to work with each other to obtain the video and prevent it from reaching the internet.

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Using their expertise in piecing things together, they managed to track down the person who took the video. However, the owner would not relent on giving them the video without any sort of compensation.

Jake immediately hashed out a plan to get the video. However, he did not fully update Holt on the plan. When the plan backfired, Holt gave Jake an earful. What came next is a series of tirades about Jake ?half assing? the entire operation. Little did Holt know that Jake managed to swap the target?s phone with a dud.

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After the fiasco, they both tried to live their time in Florida. However, it seems like Holt has had enough. He then confronts Jake and they again hash out a plan to get Figgis. Only this time, instead of looking for him, the duo will lure the kingpin out by making their whereabouts public.

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