‘BroForce’: The Manliest Game for The Manliest of Men

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Who says 2D games are going out of style? Actually, no one. In the game BroForce by author, FreeLives, you get to become America?s greatest action heroes and more. It is like a fusion between games like Metal Slug, Megaman, Worms, and of course, Contra. Mix these all up and put some steroids in it and you?ll get BroForce.

Check the trailer below to see a portion of the game?s action. (Which features ?Mr. Anderbro? by the way. A character based entirely from the movie Matrix)

Seeing how the game plays out, you would think that it is just one of those mindless run and gun games. Perhaps, but at the later parts of the game, it will require some careful actions and some strategy. Almost EVERYTHING in the game is destructible. Walls, boxes, entire buildings, oil canisters, everything and you should be able to use these to your advantage. It is this feel of the game that makes it reminiscent of that of the game Worms, but you control your ?Bros? in real time.

Each bro has their own unique traits and abilities (?Rambro? uses simple machine gun and grenades, ?Mr. Anderbro? uses his fist, superhuman abilities and bounces back bullets), and you unlock them by saving your bros while playing. You get to play into a different bro once you save one and this is randomized, meaning, there?s a lot of variety into the gameplay and you don?t play a level the same way you played it before. We have no problem with that, but at times, you would wish that you can stick to a single bro for the entire level. You can do this though by not saving a single bro. (But you won?t get any extra lives, which makes the game a bit harder)

The single player campaign is pretty straightforward, you clear out the bad guys in a level, raise the flag (checkpoints) and escape. At certain levels, you need to deal with bosses and ?Mega? bosses, but once you finish all these, you can still play online with other bros. There?s a huge variety in the game at this stage and it isn?t even finished yet. (Well, it is in early access, it is playable, but we can still expect some more on the final release). Right now, it has multiplayer, deathmatch, race and a level editor. All these prove to strengthen BroForce?s replayability and content.

It can allow up to four players to play locally and online and it has controller support for easier gameplay. With BroForce?s style and presentation, we could say that even 2D can look amazingly detailed. This is pixel art and retro-style game infused with modern gameplay and over-the-top action.

You can check their website here for more updates about the game and links to try out the early access.

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