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Bro Hugs with Deadpool and Spiderman is Pure Internet Gold; The Truth Behind Hugs

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Bro Hugs

Two super-hero comic icons are brought together by fate in this one epic informational video on Bro Hugs. Watch Deadpool and Spiderman in their most challenging role to date. News reported that they had done major training and bodybuilding just to give us fans two minutes of intense, never-before-seen bro hugs.

About the creator / youtuber Diddy P

Diddy P likes to wear the faces of fictional characters and he also likes to make videos.

What Diddy P says about this video:?Deadpool and Spider-Man demonstrate a few very simple hugging techniques you can use with you and your bros.

Guaranteed to be the best thing you will see on the internet right now. Watch it here and try not to laugh!

Why is hugging your bro/s important?

While the rest of the world uses hugs or hugging to express love for the person you hug, men, created the term bro hug, two manly dudes hugging, to express, hey dude we?re cool with each other. So what?s there to think about? Well, there is science behind this.

Hugs allow human to boost their happiness levels and produce Oxytocin – which is what we call the love drug. This gives you a calming effect as well as the following:

  • lower blood pressure, especially helpful if you?re feeling anxious.
  • lower cortisol (the stress hormone), enabling a higher quality of sleep.
  • increases your social connections and a sense of belonging.

So with this, you can expect to have a more lasting relationship with your bro/s if you constantly bro-hug each other. Just bookmark Deadpool and Spiderman?s video to spice up your bro hugs. Remember it has to be a GOOD BRO HUG to work. This means it should last about 20 seconds. Enjoy Bros!

Bro Hugs

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