Brits Want to Skip a Generation in the Monarchy, Votes for William as Next King

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A survey has found that more than half of Brits would rather see Prince William as the next King. This is according to a poll by Opinium Research, which has found that 54% think William should take over from the Queen, opposed to 25% who think it should be Charles. The vote is almost unchanged from last year?s 53%.

On the other hand, 21% answered they did not know or were not sure when asked ?who would you prefer to see as the next Monarch after Elizabeth II??

Majority of those who wanted William as the next King were women at 60%. Men who favored a generation skip to the throne ranked at 47%.

The votes were taken from a sample of 2,000 adults taken between Aug 12 to 16. The survey also found support for the monarchy at 66% saying that they think there is still a place for it in modern Britain.

55% answered they feel proud of the monarchy, and 66% supports and wants the monarchy to be retained rather than becoming a republic.

While 72% felt Britain retains its international positive perception because of the Monarchy, 57% on the other hand thinks that it is an elitist institution.

Generation skip

According to the Britain?s constitution, Prince Charles should automatically succeed the throne upon the Queen?s death. But this is not the first poll that suggests the public prefers a generation skip, and pass the throne to his son, William instead. Commonwealth Realms, where The Queen is also Head of State, has the same result of wanting a generation skip.

Meanwhile, in Canada, another poll by Angus Reid Institute resulted in 40% of Canadians finding Charles to be ?boring,? and 32% thought he was ?unimportant.?

However, The Queen and Prince William ranked 67% and 47% finding both ?respected.?

James Crouch from Opinium Research said, ?As we saw last year, the majority of us show an unwavering loyalty towards the monarchy. Perhaps it is unsurprising in light of the recent political instability that the nation remains wedded to its most enduring institution.?


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