Britney Spears Snubs Lifetime Biopic; Shares This Cryptic Instagram Post Instead

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Lifetime network aired the unauthorized Britney Spears biopic over the weekend, much to the dismay of the pop star’s fans. Social media has been buzzing with predominantly negative reviews about it that some are wondering how the music icon must feel. However, a snapshot posted on the “Baby One More Time” singer’s Instagram page might have given a hint.

The 35-year-old recording superstar posted a topless photo last Sunday, February 19. It was uploaded just hours after the premiere of Britney Spears’ Lifetime story. Titled “Britney Ever After,” the made-for-TV movie gave numerous flashbacks to the former teen queen’s wild journey.

Inevitably, these included some of the darkest times of her career and personal life. It did not even tackle her backstory as a naive Louisiana native and a member of the Mickey Mouse Club. The jump to Spears’ controversial rock-bottom phase is believed to be why the singer and her fans did not support the project.

Is this the pop princess’ response to the Britney Spears biopic?

The sepia-toned photo was shared on Britney Spears’ Instagram page after “Britney Ever After” ended. In it, she only wore a layered cross necklace and used one arm to cover her bare chest. Her other hand touched her face as she dreamily gazed at the camera. She wore her short, wavy blond hair down and had smoky eye makeup on.

Social media interpretations

The post had no caption and no information about when it was taken. As such, followers are unsure about what it really means. However, the fact that it was shared amid the backlash of “Britney Ever After” opened a lot of interpretations.

Based on social media feedback, it seemed like the recovered bad girl wanted to show that she is doing just fine. Even though she is topless in the image, one could see that her eyes are clear and free from the troubles from her past. This could mean that the picture just dismisses the controversies that were again unearthed with Lifetime’s unauthorized movie about her.

Recovery and comeback

Amid so much bad reviews, the project’s lead star still defended the biopic. In an interview with Us Weekly, Natasha Bassett said it is more of a “feminist story” than a bad flashback from Spears’ dark days. This is due to how it supposedly focused on her recovery and successful comeback.

The 24-year-old Australian starlet also clarified that she has the utmost “respect and admiration for Britney.” “She was faced with so many challenges,” she pointed out. However, the mother of two was reportedly able to “still came out strong at the end.” The biopic supposedly covered this as well.

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