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Bring adventures to your dynamic urban life in a smart and greener way

Ride with style and break no sweat! This smart electronic bike will make your travels the greenest possible way

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Nowadays, electric bikes are taking over motorcycles – not only is it portable, but it contributes more when it comes to your well-being, hard-earned cash, and the planet too. Just look at how Econic One Smart Comfort e-bike is helping its users get to destinations without harming themselves and the environment.

Econic One Smart Comfort is part of a new range of smart e-bikes from Econic One. This is the lightest, most comfortable, and versatile E-bike they have released, equipped with a 250W Bafang motor and 500Wh in-frame battery. It requires little to no maintenance and doesn’t add any extra stress to other components due to the independent drive system.

But don’t belittle them, these smart e-bikes can take on most hills with absolute ease because of their large battery pack. You will be able to get up to 142km (88 miles) in a single charge.

The rest of the features on the bike are of exceptionally high specification any bike enthusiasts rave for: It has Shimano Deore Hydraulic disc brakes for extra safety, Shimano 9 speed gears, Suntour NCX forks, Full-color LCD Display that tracks your speed, distance, and battery life. This bike can also connect to a mobile app that allows location tracking and remote control for locking and unlocking your e-bike.

Why choose Econic One Smart Comfort?

  1. LIGHTWEIGHT. At only 22kg, Econic One has ensured the Cross Country is as lightweight as it can be.
  2. POWERFUL MOTOR. The rear hub generates 45nm of torque, perfect for hill climbing.
  3. SHIMANO 10 SPEED GEARS. Experience smooth gear changes with the Shimano Deore 10 Speed Gears
  4. INTEGRATED BATTERY. The Econic One has a sleek design with internal cables and an integrated battery.
  5. LARGE RANGE. Achieve 45+ miles of range with the 14Ah battery.
  6. SMART FEATURES. Connected with an app that has GPS Tracking, Anti-theft alarm, and Smart lock.

Everything around us gradually upgrades, reaching new heights of functionality and design that are able to serve our generation better than before. It allows everyone to travel with freedom in a quicker, greener.

The Econic One Smart Bike is for you if you ride mostly in the city but also enjoy nature escapes. Built with a low frame, durable components, and superb battery it will let you fly the streets and give light trails a go.


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