Bridget Jones?s Baby Ending: Who Is The Real Father? Find Out Here! [Spoiler]

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Bridget Jones comes back on screen after more than a decade as a professionally evolved TV producer. She has achieved her ideal weight?a challenge she has always wanted to overcome?and is now a little more confident and more self-assured.

One would think that it?s peaches and cream for the now 40-something Bridget, but contrary to that, her life still isn?t perfect. She is back to being a singleton after breaking up with Mark Darcy, played by Colin Firth who seriously is more Darcy than Firth that he should legally change his name already.

The movie then takes us back to what went wrong between the two who from The Edge of Reason promised a happy ever after. The flashbacks show Mark as always working and couldn?t commit. He couldn?t make Bridget happy as much as he wanted to.

Enter Patrick Dempsey, aka McDreamy, whose American approach to affection sweeps Bridget off her feet. As Jack Qwant, an American dating-site billionaire, Dempsey has the irresistible charm down pat. With Jack, it seemed that Bridget can finally move on from her Englishman, but it all went downhill (or probably uphill for the audience) when Mark Darcy shows up to rekindle their romance. Of course it won?t be Bridget Jones without the catastrophe, and this time, it?s a little positive sign on her pregnancy test kit.

21st century family

Jack and Mark both step up clamoring for Bridget?s attention, and staking a claim on her kid. But events tell that Bridget will clearly end up with Mark, while Jack is the biological father. Jack is more enthusiastic and 110 percent into the whole baby thing, that the audience is treated to a normal 21st century family of having two dads.

Up until the penultimate scene of the movie, it looked like Jack is the biological father. Bridget, of course is meant to end up with Mark, and on their wedding, Jack is standing in the front row holding their kid, every inch looking like a very happy dad. Except, Mark says minutes later to Jack, ?Give me back my son.?

Well, everything is back in place in Bridget Jones? world. Turns out they will end up in a traditional biological nuclear family, after all. ?

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