Bridget Jones Returns with a Baby and McDreamy

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Bridget Jones

Bridget Jones is back after over a decade with a new phase in her life as she tackles pregnancy. Only problem is, she doesn?t know who the father is.

Actress Renee Zellweger initially wanted to put on the pounds as she had done in the previous two Bridget Jones installments, but director Sharon Maguire told her not to. As with the previous films, this time they wanted to show that Bridget has reached her ideal weight, which has always been her issue in the past apart from being single. But at the same time it still doesn?t mean her life was perfect.

With a more challenging career as a TV producer, Bridget seems to have moved on professionally and evolved as a person. According to Zellweger, her character is a little more confident and more self-assured.

Originally from Texas, Zellweger, practices with her dialect coach everyday to get that British accent we?ve come to love so much. Apart from this, she also had to learn what Bridget?s job as a TV producer is supposed to be like, so she went down to a TV station?s morning show to watch behind the scenes, and was amazed at how a production is put together. She described every moment as having a potential for catastrophic disaster.

A McDreamy love interest

Joining her in Bridget Jones? Baby is Patrick Dempsey of Greys Anatomy?s McDreamy fame. He will be playing Jack Qwant, her other love interest who might be the father of her child. Then of course, Colin Firth is still in the picture as Mr. Darcy, a reference to Jane Austen?s Pride and Prejudice character with the same name. He is also a contender of future daddy.

The trailer showed the two leading men grappling for Bridget?s attention. Dempsey?s American approach of wanton affection battles with Firth?s British awkward and subdued affection.

Also adding to this promising franchise continuation is Emma Thompson, who plays Jones? matter-of-fact Ob-gyn, Dr. Rawling and finds herself in the middle of the threesome trying to discover who the real father of the baby is.

Bridget Jones? purists would root for the awkward, inexpressive Englishman, Mr. Darcy. But with McDreamy in the equation, we won?t mind really whom Bridget eventually ends up with. That lucky wench.

Bridget Jones? Baby opens in theaters on September 15.

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