Breathe calmness and help yourself make the best decision with this innovative breathing necklace

Most people don’t breathe properly. Are you one of them?

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Being able to pay your monthly dues, cook your meals, and do your laundry is already an achievement every adult enjoys. In today’s competitive and fast-paced environment, life may get a bit hard, and we sometimes have no choice but to keep up. It’s an understatement to say that life has its way of draining and consuming you, physically and mentally. That’s the most probable reason why people dealing with anxiety have dramatically increased over the decades.

Anxiety should not be something you try to shrug off and avoid because it’s an illness with symptoms hidden from the world. There are still ways to help you manage stress and make you feel better without the glamorous vacations and luxurious pampering. Here’s Komusō’ Shift Necklace.

The Komusō Shift necklace is a two-inch stainless steel tool resembling a dog whistle that aims to teach you breathing control and help relieve anxiety. Although it cannot completely release you from stress, Komusō Design claims the Shift can help lessen anxiety, soothe the mind, and reduce tension in overwhelming moments. It can shift you from the depths of a panic attack into a deep state of calmness.

Inspired by the Komuso Monks of 17th century Japan that uses a bamboo called shakuhachi flute as a healing modality and a method of attaining enlightenment, the Shift Necklace aids in breathing control by slowing exhales, allowing your body and mind to relax.

The tool trains you to breathe deeply and prolong your exhalations to 10 seconds each, a practice found to help slow heart rate, lower or stabilize blood pressure, reduce cortisol levels, clear the mind, and relax muscles. The pendant and chain are both made of 316 stainless steel for durability and also to prevent tarnishing.

What do we like most about it? It is engraved with the Japanese symbols for BE STILL. Just by reading this phrase is pretty calming enough for me. What more if you wear this mantra daily? It is even endorsed by 80+ psychotherapists nationwide!

How do Shift works?

  • Deeply inhale through your nose to fill your stomach with air. Then, place your lips around the Shift’s mouthpiece and carefully exhale and not blowing into the tool.
  • The natural release of air from the body (an exhale) is the key, so it’s important to monitor yourself and ensure you are not forcibly blowing into the tool. If exhaling properly, you should hear a low tone, and if blowing too hard, a high-pitched sound will be heard, which means you are using it wrong.
  • When you exhale, count eight to ten seconds in your head, then repeat the process at least five times.
  • Throughout your deep breathing, the Komusō Designs team encourages you to use self-awareness and relax your jaw, shoulders, and body.
    Within two minutes, the 10-second exhales can reportedly signal your parasympathetic nervous system to calm down and cause you to feel more grounded and at ease.

Dealing with your life stressors can be challenging. But devices like The Shift necklace are a constant reminder for us to breathe despite all of the negativity, be relaxed, centered, and most of all, to be more mindful so we can make the best decisions for ourselves.