Breakthrough Invention: Smartglasses to See Cancerous Cells

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Researchers from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have found a better way to detect cancerous cells early. This breakthrough invention allows surgeons to detect and eliminate infected tissue from patients just by looking from this high ? tech pair of glasses. With the help of these smartglasses, doctors can physically see where cancerous cells are as they glow in blue through this high ? tech visor.

A Breakthrough Life ? Saving Technology

This wearable technology was used for the first time this week with future trials to be done within this month. The visor will go through a series of clinical tests before it goes out to medical institutions. Cancerous cells are extremely difficult to find, even with the help of a high ? powered magnifying equipment.

These smartglasses make it easier for doctors to identify cancer cells from the healthy ones, which will help ensure that everything will be taken out during surgery. The surgery that used this wearable technology was carried out by breast surgeon Dr. Julie Margenthaler.

Eliminates Anxiety, Inconvenience, Pain and Follow ? Up Surgeries

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Imagine how this breakthough invention in the medical field would help eliminate inconvenience, pain, anxiety and even follow ? up procedures in patients. This will definitely save more lives, including the next generations. Cancer is one of the biggest challenges that doctors have been facing. Millions of people are dying every year because no cure has been found.

If this smartglass can detect cancerous cells in its early stages, then patients will hold on to a bigger chance of surviving. Typically, doctors would take out the tumors from the infected tissue and get samples for viewing under the microscope. If the doctor finds cancer cells in the sample, another surgery will commence to remove them. This routine will continue until the affected areas are clear.

Early Detection will Save Lives

Dr. Margenthaler said that about 25 percent of patients suffering from breast cancer go through two rounds of surgeries because of the current technology that we have now. These smartglasses will have a big impact in saving the lives of cancer patients. One of the benefits it will give is the reduction of the need for additional procedures. This lifts a huge amount of stress on patients, including their time and money.

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