?Breaking Bad Season 6? Update: No Return Season In Sight, Bryan Cranston Doing Another Show

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Bryan Cranston will almost be returning on TV, depending on whether the new series will see the light of regular show schedules or not. But we?re seeing more on the ?not? as the actor is currently cast in ?Sneaky Pete.? The new show, premiered its pilot episode yesterday on Amazon. The Breaking Bad star?s TV series unfortunately has yet to be picked by the internet-based company Amazon, according to The Verge.

Created by writer David Shore (House, M.D.), ?Sneaky Pete? follows a man named Marius, played by Giovanni Ribisi, who carries his cellmate?s identity to avoid his past. The ex-con creates a new life with his cellmate?s unsuspecting family and eventually learning their one of a kind business. Bryan Cranston will also be featured as a character who?s tracking down Marius, shared by The Verge. The Breaking Bad star will also be the executive producer the show.

?Sneaky Pete? is sure to gain a good publicity with the help of Bryan Cranston, who once played the role of a school chemistry teacher named Walter White. The famous TV actor has starred in popular TV shows and movies such as ?Malcom in the Middle? and ?Godzilla.? Bryan Cranston is also expected star in the new movie ?Trumbo,? which is set to premiere on theaters in November.

The first episode of ?Sneaky Pete,? currently up on Amazon, still needs to be acquired by the company in order to continue and acquire a full series order. So it?s up to Amazon viewer?s whether Bryan Cranston?s new show will be a regular or not. Depending on the circumstances, it?s good news for fans because the show can be developed as a full original series that may become a hit and bad news because once you vote no, it?s a goodbye to Bryan Cranston and ?Pete.?

Watch the trailer and try to decide on the first episode so you can keep ?Sneaky Pete? alive.

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