Braynbasher and Social Gamer PAX East Day One Impressions, Pictures And Video

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PAX Day 1

Arriving in Boston for PAX East, it was clear that this PAX was going to be different. As I got on the bus from NY to Boston I quickly realize that everyone that was on the bus was there for PAX.  Yeah they?ve had PAX in Seattle for years, but as one passenger on the bus told me, ?I always wanted to go to PAX I just couldn?t afford it. This one is more East Coast friendly?, as a virgin to attending PAX I have never seen anything like it. 

Torrence Davis

The mood for PAX East day one was one of fun and amusement. Everyone wants to be here and it?s apparent.  They have everything a gamer needs. So far it?s been a experience. I got to see games, cos-play, developers, people dancing, people who are working the conference, here to see games or panels. It?s so relaxed. 

The place to be if you want to see bloggers, developers, fans, community managers all comingle. From the games, hardware, mouse pads, Tee-Shirts. It?s all great.  As a first timer it?s clear to me that the way PAX East is separating from the pack is it has something for everyone. Even if you don?t play videogames but you love D&D. They have a place for there. If you?re here to see panel talks and could care less about everything else, they have lines you can wait in. If you want to just play Mario Kart on you DS with others.

PAX D n D Surface

They have bean bag chairs for that.  I already know that PAX Prime and PAX East is quickly becoming the conference that every gamer, D&D player, and developer should attend at least once.  That?s only day one? a word from Social Gamer?..

What?s good everyone this is The Social Gamer, not sure if you?re ready for it but here it is. Tomorrow will be even better, stay tuned for more videos and pictures during the weekend.

Images and Videos are all courtesy of you friend Social Gamer.

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