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?Braxton Family Values? Season 5 Finale: Toni, Tamar Rekindle Old Wounds, Tension Rises In Episode 15

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The Braxton Family Values Season 5 finale will see Toni and Tamar rekindle wounds from the old times. It may sound heartbreaking, but the finale episode of Season 5 could also be the biggest blowout. It looks like a trip down memory lane will cause tensions to arise in episode 15 titled ?Spilling the Tea.? A sister slumber party will be filled with tension and it won?t be too easy to manage.

Avid viewers are aware that Braxton slumber parties are nothing but epic. It is usually a time to have fun and also a time to reminisce. But when the season finale episode airs on Thursday, Toni and Tamar will bring back the wounds from the past. And fans should all be looking forward to see how the latter storms out.

In episode 14 titled ?Broadway or Bust,? Toni baked Mommy?s (Evelyn Braxton) biscuits when Towanda came for a visit. Towanda had to do a monologue, but she didn?t know how to start. Toni offered to help and demonstrated her best Spanish accent upon knowing that the character Towanda is supposed to portray is Spanish.

Tamar and Vince, on the other hand, met with the Broadway producers, David Meiskin and David Garfinkle. Tamar shows intentions to continue working on the show. After all, Broadway is the best place to be and Tamar still being part of it would be great.

As for Trina, she was out and about in L.A. What made her trip more special was being with Eric and Caleb. She lets her sisters know that they are going to have dinner with Gabe.

Meanwhile, Towanda also loves being in L.A. but she misses her kids so she called them.

Tamar had some awesome ideas to share in her meeting while Towanda was able to complete her monologue. These events can be viewed below, along with Trina’s sons showdown with her ex, Gabe.

Get ready to see more of the sisters?and their drama when Braxton Family Values Season 5 finale airs on August 25, 2016.

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