‘Bravely Default’ Secrets and Cheats

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Bravely Default (Image Credit to EightGiratine YouTube)
Bravely Default (Image Credit to EightGiratine YouTube)

The game Bravely Default for the Nintendo 3DS is one epic Final Fantasy~esque experience, and of course, no Final Fantasy game is without secrets. Bravely Default has neat secrets, tricks, and unlockables too.

Konami Code

If this is the first time you are ?hearing or seeing the Konami Code being?involved with Square-Enix?s title Bravely Default, it?s not really much of a surprise. After all, Konami rarely has anything to do with this game, but Konami?s Conta, a classic game on the NES, was quite popular with the console, way back.

So what the Konami Code does in the game is, to unlock an alternative Brave Default trailer, which involves a bit of interaction from the player. See it for yourself.

To enter the code, go to the file select screen, then go to the fourth bottom slot. Now enter the code using the D Pad: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start. If you entered the code correctly, you should hear a guy yelling. You can, then, see an extra item in the bottom of the select screen that says ?SECRET MOVIE?. Once you view it, it will disappear, unless you enter the code again.

New Game Plus

You can get the New Game Plus after beating the game once. Pretty like other RPG games, in New Game Plus, you can carry over collected items, equipment, jobs, skills, guests, magic, etc. Almost everything you?ve acquired in the first playthrough, (except a few key items that are essential to the story?s progression)

Easy Money

There?s a method that you can use to have unlimited access to any amount of money you want. This means easier healing items and even unlimited supply of elixirs. You just need to have the Thief class and have the access to level 25 nemesis ?Mammon?, which can be found in Norende, to get started. The process is simple, battle Mammon, but don?t just defeat her. You?ll just steal from her. Most of the time, you will get elixir or an ether. Just be sure to escape when stealing. To make this procedure failproof, make sure that your Thief has the highest agility in the party. Elixir sells 25,000 each. You can do this as much as you want.

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