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Bravely Default Fairy’s Effect Release Date And Gameplay: What To Expect From Square Enix’s Mobile Game

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The team behind Square Enix has once again conducted a new breed of role-playing game for mobile devices. A game that started first on the Nintendo 3DS?Bravely Default Fairy’s Effect?will soon be playable on our iOS phones.

The game will be released on mobile devices as Bravely Default Fairy’s Effect, the same name used by Square Enix when it launched the game in Japan. Little is known about Square Enix’s plans about the upcoming mobile title, but at least we know the publisher is pretty serious about mobile gaming.

The estimated time of release for Bravely Default Fairy’s Effect is sometime in 2017. With this new installment of a Square Enix franchise, there is a probability that more games on?Nintendo?platforms?will shift to mobile-friendly versions.


If?Bravely Default Fairy’s Effect?s follows the original gameplay, we can assume that this will be a role-playing game (RPG) which features a party of four characters navigating the fantasy world of Luxendarc. Navigation in towns, dungeons and the world map environments are done from an angled, third-person overhead view.

With regards to the battle system of the game, it will be a turn-based battle style. In every battle, each side is allowed to perform an action (or multiple actions), with each character having independent movements and commands. These actions include attacking with the equipped weapon, using magic, or using an item. The game battles also come in two types: random encounters with standard enemies and staged boss battles. The party also has the option to escape from most battles if they think that they are not strong enough to beat the enemy.

The release date of Bravely Default Fairy’s Effect is set sometime in the near 2017. For the latest gaming news, keep it right here on The BitBag.

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